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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

















Step 1 - get your free copy of the CyberBoard program

(CLICK on logo)

Click on the banner above to be taken to the CyberBoard website.  There you can download the CyberBoard player program for free.  You will also automatically get a copy of the CyberBoard designer program, so that you can make your own gameboxes.

Note - The CyberBoard PBeM program, along with either the Ogre v2.0 gamebox or the Classic Ogre/GEV gamebox, will allow you to play Ogre/GEV/Shockwave/Battlefields by electronic mail.  It does not provide any artificial intelligence to play against, you will need to find a human opponent (hint - drop me a line!).  Also note that NO RULES for Ogre/GEV/Shockwave/Battlefields are included with either the CyberBoard program or the gamebox.  You must own your own set of rules to play (see step 2).



Step 2 - get a copy of Ogre and GEV

Your gonna need your own set of rules to play.  And where should you go?  Go to the official STEVE JACKSON GAMES Ogre website (hit the banner below).  There is a ton of great Ogre stuff for sale - games, miniatures, books, etc.

or click on the game you are interested in below

Click on this picture to go to the Ogre/GEV product page
Click on this picture to go to the Shockwave product page
Click on this picture to go to the Reinforcement pack product page
Click on this picture to go to the Battlefields product page
Click on this picture to go to the Ogre Book product page

In order to legally use cyberboard, you must own a copy of the original game.  Ogre and GEV are by far the most popular games.  Shockwave and Battlefields are recommended.  Also, make sure you pick up a copy of the Ogre book, it's a must have.

If any of the above games are out of stock, you can usually find them on Ebay.


Step 3 - choose a CyberBoard gamebox

In the years since the CyberBoard PBeM program appeared, there have been 4 gameboxes written for it that allow you to play Ogre/GEV.  You will need to download at least one of them in order to play.  All of the gameboxes below have been licensed by Steve Jackson Games.  Your choices are:

Ogre    By Ron Strubble.  Maybe the very first Ogre gamebox.  A bit rough graphically but works just fine.  If you are following the link you will find the gamebox hosted by Limey Yank Games.

Ogre v_10    By Peter Lomax, 1998.   Allows you to play Ogre, GEV, Shockwave.  Probably the most widely distributed gamebox.

Ogre v2.0    By Peter Lomax & Tristan Koehler, 2005.  My revised version of Peter's gamebox.  Bigger, better, faster.  Allows you to play Ogre, GEV, Shockwave, Ogre Battlefields, plus adds mutli-map scenarios like Casey Joneski (from Shockwave), Body Blow (from the Reinforcement Pack), and maps from the Ogre book like Exercise K and Icepick.  19 maps in total!

Classic Ogre & GEV    By Tristan Koehler, 2005.  This gamebox must be played on the current version of the CyberBoard player.  The maps are scans of the actual game maps, and the counters are bigger and more detailed.  Allows you to play Ogre, GEV, Shockwave, or Ogre Battlefields.  The best gamebox graphically speaking.


Step 4 - use these handy manuals to learn to play

My QUICKSTART manual can get you going in about 1/2 an hour.  The definitive CyberBoard Player Manual is by Chris Fawcett, and what a great job he did.  The FAQ is based on an original FAQ by Peter Lomax.

Note the QUICKSTART manual and the Player Manual were written for an earlier version of the CyberBoard player (version 2.0).  They will still provide you with tons of good information.


CyberBoard Ogre FAQ

CyberBoard Ogre QUICKSTART

CyberBoard Player Manual


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