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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

Introduction    With the capture of Ares by the Combine, the situation is looking grim for the Paneuropeans.   Combine forces waste no time in fortifying the approaches to Ares.  It is their intention to hold on tightly, and never let go.

When the bulk of the Combine army is drawn away to the east, the Paneuropeans see an opening.  They dispatch a small hard-hitting force comprised of their very best units.  If they can't capture Ares, then it shall be totally destroyed!


Setup    Use the Ogre on Mars map, in the same condition it was in when the last scenario ended.  Place markers to indicate destroyed base hexes or blown bridges.

Combine engineers have fortified the most likely line of attack to Ares by constructing a massive anti-vehicle ditch (AVD) between the cliffs at 1713 and 2113.  Use the marker provided to place the ditch between the cliffs like as below.  You will want to select the marker, right click on it, and then select Lock Object.  This will prevent the marker from being selected or moved during the game.

No unit can cross the AVD except Ogres and infantry.  An Ogre crossing the AVD takes 3 dice tread damage.  The damage is caused by falling into the ditch and the climb up the sheer face on the other side.  Infantry are unaffected.  Any other units attempting to cross the AVD are destroyed.

The Combine player gets the following: 2 LADs, 6 armor units, 24 infantry squads, CP Alpha (D3, M0) and one GEV-COMMAND.  He sets up first, placing his units (covered - see GEV 9.021) anywhere on the map.  Keep in mind the proximity of the LADs to a CP,  they need to be close in order to fight effectively.  The GEV-COMMAND fulfills this role nicely, and it can bugger off if needed.

The Paneuropean player starts the game with one Katzbalger cybertank and 6 GEVs.  These units enter any hex on the south side of the map.  The entry hex counts as movement.  The Combine defenders are uncovered after the first GEV movement phase. 


Reinforcements    Starting on the first turn, the Combine player receives one (1) reinforcement per turn.  Roll once to determine the unit type, and once to determine the entry point.


   Die Roll     

         Unit            Die Roll     Entry    Point             
1 Heavy Tank 1


2 Missile Tank 2


3 GEV 3


4 two LGEVs 4


5 two LT Tanks 5


6   GEV-PC loaded with 3 squads    6

 choose from above!


If reinforcing units enter on a road, they are assumed to have been on the road last turn, and may take the road movement bonus on the turn they enter.  If an enemy unit occupies their entry hex, they may either overrun that unit, or enter at an adjacent hex.  A reinforcing unit may be delayed any number of turns, at the player's discretion, but they must always enter at the entry point rolled.

Carry Over Points    In addition to the above, the Combine player can redeem some of the carry over points earned in the last scenario.  If the Combine player won a marginal victory, he may redeem 6 points of units.  If the Combine player won a decisive victory, he may redeem 12 points of units.  These units enter at the start of the Combine player's 4th turn.  Roll on the table above to determine their entry point.  Unspent carry over points are saved until the final battle.

The Combine player does not need to decide on redeeming these points until the 4th turn.  The 4th turn is the only opportunity to redeem victory points from the first scenario.  Unredeemed points are carried over to the final battle.


Objectives & Victory Points    The Paneuropean player's objective is to wreak as much havoc as possible.  He gets 20 points for destroying CP ALPHA, 30 points for destroying the GEV-COMMAND, 10 points for every Mars base hex destroyed, and 6 points for every bridge destroyed.  Both sides get victory points for the destruction of enemy units.  See GEV 9.012.


Victory Levels    The winner is determined by comparing the number of victory points gained by each player, as follows:


   Attacker ahead by   

150 or more Decisive Paneuropean Victory
110-149 Marginal Paneuropean Victory
80-109 NO VICTOR
30-79 Marginal Combine Victory
29 or less Decisive Combine Victory


As before;

A Decisive Victory earns that player 24 victory points.

A Marginal Victory earns that player 12 victory points.

Any other result does not earn any points for either player.


Proceed now to the final battle!!


Scenario inspiration: Raid (GEV 9.03)

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