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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

Beer and pretzels!  Beer and pretzels!  You are not going to see many variant rules from me, and only a few new units.  That's because I'd like Ogre on Mars to be straight forward to play for any Ogre fan.   So no Martian storms, light gravity effects, or terraforming.  Of course, you can create your own house rules, and I'd like to hear about any variations that have worked well for you.



 Clear terrain - treat just like the clear green terrain on the GEV map.  All units move normally.


Roads - just like their Terran counterparts.  Roads can be targeted and destroyed just like GEV. 


Crevices - treat exactly like streams in GEV.  Crevices are bridged when a road crosses them.  Bridges can be targeted in the usual manner.


Mountains/Rough - treat the same as forest.  These are your GEV stopping friends.


Martian Base - treat exactly as you would cities in GEV.  They can be destroyed and rubblized (if you use that rule).


Cliffs - this is the only departure from the norm.  Cliffs are impassible to almost all units.  Units cannot go over/up a cliff, they must detour around them.  Therefore cliffs will have major tactical implications in planning your combat.

The only units that can cross cliffs are infantry and Ogres.  Infantry can climb a cliff at a penalty of 1 MP.  Thus an infantry unit can climb a cliff and move to the adjacent hex (total cost 2 MP).  Infantry can descend a cliff at no penalty to their movement.

Ogres can descend cliffs and incur a 1 MP penalty.  Thus an Ogre can descend a cliff and move to the adjacent hex for a total cost of 2 MP.  Ogres will be damaged by driving off a cliff as per GEV 8.041 (Ogre on river bridge when it is destroyed).  Ogres cannot climb up a cliff face.  So cliffs are impassable to Ogres in at least 1 direction.


New Units

There's a few units I've always wanted to play that have been included with the GameBox.  This is especially true of the controversial Spitze. 

Ogres tended to be smaller on Mars due to limited resources, but this lead  to some interesting variations (see below).

Note that the counters are displayed on this page are 80x80 pixels.  They are larger, more detailed versions of the 40x40 pixel counters that are in the Ogre on Mars gamebox.  The counters are smaller in the gamebox purely for gameplay reasons (so that the map is not too big to see on your screen.  The bigger the counters, the bigger the map has got to be.).


LAD (Light Artillery Drone).  Not really a new unit, but a new counter.  LADs are an Ogre miniature unit, the rules for them are here.  LADs are good anti-GEV artillery but are a bit weak against heavy tanks and Ogres.


GEV-COMMAND.  A modified version of the tried and true GEV-PC.  Provides room for a commander and 4 or 5 support members in cramped quarters to monitor the battlefront far closer than any fixed CP would ever allow.


Spitze Cybertank Destroyer.   I've been fascinated by this unit ever since I read about it here.  The inspiration of this unit is all David Morse's, and I've only given it a slight twist below.

The Spitze is basically a gigantic high powered railgun mounted on a tracked platform.  It was available in limited numbers to specialized Paneuropean formations.  The much-feared Spitze always makes an impact whenever it is deployed.

The cantankerous railgun affects the unit in several important ways.

  • The cumbersome nature of an enormous gun on tracked chassis affects this unit's mobility.  During any turn, the Spitze may move or fire, but not both. 

  • There is no spillover effect on units stacked with the target.

  • Limitations in the fire control system mean that the Spitze is limited to range 6 when firing on it's own.  It must combine fire with another unit to reach it's maximum range of 10.

  • The Spitze is moves like a missile tank (MSL) when determining terrain effects on movement.

  • The Spitze is valued at 15 VP (2.5 armor units).


Ogre Mark I.  This is not a new unit but I have made an updated counter with the correct silhouette.



Ogre Mark I - Havoc.  A deadly revision of the smallest Ogre.  The turret of the Mark I is removed and the Ogre conning tower is moved to the front of the hull.  The rear deck is then loaded with six (6) single shot Ogre missiles.  The result is potent first strike weapon.  It can be used to spearhead an assault and clear the way for a column of advancing armor.  The Havoc is also very effective in an anti-Ogre role.

The point value of the unit is 60 VP.


Ogre Mark II.  Once again this is not a new unit, but check out the revised silhouette!



Ogre Mark II - M.  The M version of the Mark II was built to give the cybertank a little more long range power.  The secondary batteries were removed and replaced by a single missile rack with a 5 missile rotary magazine.  This is the exact same launcher and magazine used on the Ogre Mark IV.

This Ogre is worth 60 points.


Mark II - Heavy.  An upgunned version of the Mark II.  The turret was enlarged to hold a pair of main batteries.  This gives the unit significantly more firepower.  Additionally, a single Ogre missile was installed in an external launcher behind the rear engine compartment.  The missile fires forward between the secondaries and over the turret.

The Mark II - H is worth 75 VPs.


Katzbalger.  A late model Paneuropean cybertank of advanced design.  The Kat was considerably smaller than the earlier Fencer and designed as a light, fast raider.  The Kat was the fastest Paneuropean cybertank ever built, rivaling the Combine Ogre Mark IV.

The Katzbalger's primary weapon are two (2) missile racks located in the rear.  It can hold 10 missiles internally.  A secondary battery and 4 AP units round out it's armament.  It starts the game with 32 tread units.

The Katzbalger is worth 80 VPs and rams for 1d6 damage.

The Katzbalger was named after a medieval short sword.


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