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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

I’ve created a few Cyberboard scenario (.gsn) files for your gaming enjoyment.  All these scenarios are for the Ogre v2.0 gamebox.  Many of the scenarios you already know.  For original material, I’ve included more information. 


OGRE    Play the basic and advanced Ogre scenarios with this scenario file.  If you’ve never used cyberboard before, this is where you should start.

 Basic & Advanced Ogre


GEV    Play all your favorites – Breakthrough, Raid, The Train, and Ceasefire Collapse.   The scenario file supports the basic, advanced, and Ogre versions of all scenarios.  In fact, almost any game you can think of using the GEV map can played with this file.

  All GEV scenarios 


Shockwave    Shockwave added the infamous cruise missiles and lasers, as well as new  “traditional” units.  All here, all updated to the 2000 version.

                       Super CP & The Day Before        Recon in Force

                       Nuts!                                                   Casey Joneski


Ogre Reinforcement Pack    Only big scenarios listed in the reinforcement pack, so I did only 1—the biggest of them all—Body Blow.  Uses 4 maps, with 150 armor units for the attackers!  You must have a lot of free time to attempt this one.

  Body Blow


Ogre Battlefields    Battlefields features 4 more maps, as well as new units.  All of them are here for your gaming enjoyment.  Raid & Breakthrough can be played on these maps, or play one of 4 more scenarios.

                        The Last Train Out                                Disputed Crossing

                        Same Song, Second Verse         A Bridge too Near


The Ogre Book    Great book, with many scenarios, I did three.   Icepick is my choice as the best of the bunch.  If you don’t have a copy, go to the official Ogre site.  The binding is crappy but the book is worth it.

    Icepick        Iron Mountain        Exercise K


Counter Attack!    The  sequel to David Morse’s Great Patriotic War.  The Paneuropeans are seeking revenge for an earlier Combine attack.  The Combine knows they’re coming, but they don’t know where.  Three main attack options mean this game is different every time you play it.

  Scenario Description        Counter Attack


Passchendaele 2083    Fight the 2nd Battle of Passchendaele, 166 years after the famous WWI conflict.  British Combine infantry are once again at Ypres and advancing on Passchendaele against a German Paneuropean formation.  Finally a scenario where the infantry is the star.

  Scenario Description         Passchendaele 2083


The Calm Before the Storm    The last Arab-Israeli war is raging, and the Pan-Islamic League is hell bent to destroy the Fortress of Israel.   Can a lone Ogre and a handful of units stop an imminent invasion?  Set on the coast of Israel and featuring the Ogre Mark IV.

  Scenario Description        The Calm Before the Storm


Ravaged Coast    Featuring an original map, the scenario can be played on cyberboard, or the map can be printed onto legal paper (fits the original cardboard counters perfectly).   The Combine is moving captured Doppelsoldner parts, but the PanEuropeans have other ideas.

  Scenario Description         Ravaged Coast     

Ravaged Coast map (jpeg)


Two Nations One War    A campaign scenario for Ogre/GEV/Shockwave.  The victorious commander must be a master of both tactics and strategy; planning the shape and layout of the battle is as important as the conduct of combat.  This is a long one - 25+ turns on a big map.

  Scenario Description        Two Nations One War


All Maps & Counters    Not sure what to play?  Do you want to have a scenario file that you can use to start any game in the gamebox?  This is the scenario file for you.  Access any of the 19 maps, and any/all of the counters.

  All Maps & Counters




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