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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

The Battle for Mars is a mini-campaign with three stages.  The outcome of the first two battles affects events in the third.  "A Lack of Goodwill" is the opening scenario.


Introduction    Both sides have begun to take aggressive action, each blaming the other along the way.  This first scenario represents the beginning of the hostilities as armed forces are mobilized and begin to forcibly capture the limited number of key resources on Mars.

The forces available will be restricted as most of the existing units are either not mobilized or are too far away from the battlefield to be of any use.   Reinforcements are being rushed in as fast as possible.  As the commander, you will have to make do with whatever forces come online first.


Setup    Use the Ogre on Mars map.  Flip a coin to see who starts first.

The Destruction of Cities rule should be used in this scenario (GEV 8.03) and through out the Battle for Mars.


Entry & Reinforcements    Combine forces enter on the road at 0901.  The Paneuropeans enter on the road at hex 0923.  The entry hex counts for movement.

Both sides start turn 1 with a cavalry troop (see below). 

At the start of turn 2, and each turn for the next 6 turns both players will roll a die and consult the table below to see what kind of forces are available (Exception - you are not allowed another cavalry troop on turn 2.  If you roll a 3, roll again.  Two cavalry troops that close together in the beginning would give you too much of an advantage.  You are free to take the other cavalry troop on turn 3 or any turn thereafter).

Each type of force may be used one time only.  If you roll a force that you've redeemed already, roll again.  After turn 7 there are no more reinforcements.  Note this means both players will end up with 2 cavalry troops - your initial one and one that is rolled.

Die Roll Force Type Units
1 Armor platoon 3 armor units of HVY and/or LT
2 Heavy armor 1 SHVY and 1 armor unit of HVY or LT
3 Cavalry troop 3 armor units of GEV and/or LGEV
4 Heavy support 1 MHWZ and 2 MSL tanks
5 Infantry co. 2 GEV-PCs loaded with 3 squads of infantry each
6 Scratch force 1 LGEV, 1 LT, 1 HVY with 1 squad riding, 1 MSL


Objectives & Victory Conditions    The primary objective for both sides is to occupy the largest base on Mars, Ares.  Ares is the large 8-hex city on the eastern side of the board.

In order to win, one side must end it's turn with all 8 hexes of Ares filled with at least one of it's units.  When this happens, that player has scored an decisive victory.  The game immediately ends.

If the opposing forces lose too many units to completely  fill the Ares base, then it becomes a fight to the death.  The player who can completely destroy all enemy units wins a marginal victory.


Carry Over Points    Carry over points are just like victory points, except they can be carried over to the next scenario, or saved for the final battle.  They are "spent" exactly the same as victory points to buy units.  The carry over points awarded in this scenario are:

A Decisive Victory earns that player 24 Carry Over Points.

A Marginal Victory earns that player 12 Carry Over Points.


Commentary    Both players will seek to move as many units as possible to Ares as fast as possible.  Yet getting there first often means subjecting yourself to the first attack.  The infantry Co. will fill all of Ares, you will want to roll it early.


On to the next battle!


   Combine Victory - proceed to Europa Über Alles



   Panuropean Victory - proceed to The Combine Strikes Back



Scenario inspiration:  Peacekeeping Force.  Thanks Mike!!

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