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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games.  This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.


OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

Based on Corbeau's ideas and input from the Ogre SJG forum.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far!!

Kraken is a fan generated Ogre supplement introducing naval units and cyberships into the world of Ogre. 

Corbeau has designed 4 geomorphic maps for Kraken.  Each one can be printed onto a single sheet of letter size paper, or the maps can combined in any number of ways (sample).  The maps are Bay, Coast, Inlet, and Islands.  (Edit  - I made one too!)  All made on the map editor - thanks Tom!

The new units are here

Scenarios are here.

I've put together a CyberBoard gamebox for playtesting.  The art for it is here.

   Kraken Gamebox (12.5 MB)


Ogre  and GEV are trademarks of Steve Jackson Games, and their rules and art are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games.   This game aid is an original creation of Tristan Koehler and is released for free distribution, and not for resale, under the permissions granted in the Steve Jackson Games online policy.

All rights reserved by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

OgreMap is copyright 2006 by Tristan Koehler.

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